How do I create an animation with a coloured sphere changing in time? (for climate modelling)

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Victor Couplet
Victor Couplet on 6 Apr 2017
Answered: Joseph Cheng on 6 Apr 2017
Hello, I'm trying to do some simple climate modelling. I would like to create a short animation with my data (temperature means) represented on a sphere ( divided in different regions) with different colours evolving in time. What should I use?
Victor Couplet
Victor Couplet on 6 Apr 2017
I have an algorithm that calculates the temperature of different regions of the earth in time given an initial temperature and a bunch a values for different parameters. The earth is divided in ten regions separated by 9 parallels of different latitudes. All the algorithmic part is ok, and I get arrays of temperatures depending on time for each region of the earth. I would like to map this data on a sphere, divided in ten regions (same way i divided the earth for my algorithm) by coloring each region of the sphere in a certain color depending on the temperature. That's for the first step. The second step is to create a small movie where we see these colors evolve in time and eventually reach a steady state.

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Answers (1)

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 6 Apr 2017
you can do something like this
[x,y,z] = sphere(30);
[sx sy]=meshgrid(-1:.01:1,-1:.01:1);

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