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Is there a program for automatic segmentation of a CT scan?

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Dear all,
I would like to automate the segmentation of CT scans. Especially I would like to do segmentation of thorax (separate bones from tissue). I would like to automate this, because I would like to use for another dozens CT scans, which would be very complicated to do manually. I tried find some programs or functions, but I didn´t successful.
Can you advise me? Thank you for your answers.
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Rik on 30 Mar 2017
Automatic segmentation is generally very difficult. In this case, you could try to use the fact that bone tissue will have a much higher HU value than the rest of the body, so you may get away with a simple threshold.

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Meade on 30 Mar 2017
Matlab has a built-in App called volumeViewer starting in R2017a that looks pretty good.
For earlier versions, check the Matlab FEX.

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