How to prevent overlapping of point values on a matlab plot?

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I want to display values of two points fairly close to each other, when I do that, there values appear to be overlapping each other and i have to zoom in to read each value. Is there a simple way to prevent this overlap, such that the points concerned are shown where they are but there values are just apart enough to be legible.
Rik on 31 Mar 2017
There is a submission on the FEX that lets you put multiple annotations in a plot, making sure they don't overlap. Is that what you need? If so, I could try to find it for you.
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh on 1 Apr 2017
Thank you guys so much for trying to help me! It turns out my prof doesn't want the points after all.

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Accepted Answer

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 31 Mar 2017
why not put it in a legend if there are so few points
points=[1 1.01;1 1];
xlim([0 2])
ylim([0 2])
for ind = 1:size(points,2)
ltext{ind} = ['(' num2str(points(ind,1)) ',' num2str(points(ind,2)) ')'];

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