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Plotting data coming from serial port with time on X-Axis

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Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma on 18 Mar 2017
Edited: Arun Sharma on 18 Mar 2017
Hello! Everyone
I want to plot the temperature data coming from serial port per second and time_stamp it in MATLAB, and display the time information on X-Axis.
The data coming from serial port is in string format and after receiving it, i converted it into double and plotted using MATLAB plot function. But i am not able to understand, that how can i time stamp the received data and mention that time on x-axis.
Currently i created a circular array of 100 values, which will be increased later to show more information. My program is as follow:
% Delete Opened Ports in MATLAB
% Create a Serial Object
ser = serial('COM5', 'BaudRate',9600, 'Timeout',10);
DATA_SIZE = 100;
temperature = zeros(DATA_SIZE, 1);
% timestamp = zeros(DATA_SIZE, 1);
% timestamp = datetime(timestamp, timestamp, timestamp);
% for i = 1:DATA_SIZE
% timestamp(i) = datetime;
% end
index = 1;
% Open Communication Port
while true
temp = fscanf(ser);
if size(temp) == [0][0]
disp 'Timeout Occurs'
disp 'Check Connections'
if index < DATA_SIZE
index = index+1;
% Reset Subscript Index
index = 1;
temperature(index) = str2double(temp);
% Time Stamp Temperature Values
% timestamp(index) = datetime;
% plot(timestamp, temperature, 'LineWidth',2,'Color',[0,0,1.0])
plot(temperature, 'LineWidth',2,'Color',[0,0,1.0])
xlabel('Time \rightarrow')
ylabel('Temperature (C)\rightarrow');
title('Real-Time Temperature Plot');
I tried to plot the time value on X-Axis but failed to get the correct output. Please someone help me regarding this. Any other suggestion are also welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Mar 2017
If you are using R2013b or later then I recommend you use animatedline()
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Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma on 18 Mar 2017
Thanks for your reply But I am sorry, as i didn't get that, how is this function going to solve my problem, of time stamping the received data and displaying on X-Axis, with timing information.
Yes i am using version greater than R2013b and will try this function, but to me it just looks to make animation of plotting and nothing related to time data on x-axis. Please correct me if i am wrong.

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