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Is there a solution for H2Hinf control problem in the discrete time domain?

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I am trying to solve a mixed H2 Hinf problem but in discrete time domain. is the comman h2hinfsyn valid for this problem?

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Kushagr Gupta
Kushagr Gupta on 17 Mar 2017
The function ' h2hinfsyn ' does not work for discrete plants as mentioned in the documentation.
As per the documentation, there is a function for discrete time analysis for H2 control. I would recommend going through the documentation for ' h2syn '.

Jeremy Berke
Jeremy Berke on 31 Oct 2022
Unfortunately they have not implemented this yet even though the LMI exists. I hope they implement it soon since h2syn and hinfsyn can hadle both CT and DT systems
Refer to page 128 here.
You will have to manually set up the LMI and use the solver in the robust toolbox


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