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C2000 Support Package - Can I use CLA with External Mode?

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Hi, I am trying to utilize External Mode with a F28035 while using the CLA. I noticed the code for cla_task.cla includes a new parameter called ModelName_DWork.CLAInterruptRoutine_SubsysRanBC. I assume this is used by external mode to keep track of the CLA task but obviously there is a compilation error since the CLA cannot access ModelName_DWork.
Is it possible to use the combination of CLA/Ext Mode? If so how do I work around this?

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Prateek Khandelwal
Prateek Khandelwal on 14 Mar 2017
Hello Chris, currently this feature doesn't exist, however, it is being considered as an enhancement to be included in the future releases.
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Zak Campbell
Zak Campbell on 29 Jan 2020
Has this feature been added / modified since the last comment above? I am trying to use external mode for debugging but need to use the CLA onboard the device. If I do not use external mode for high speed debugging / analysis, what would Mathworks recommend

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