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setting reference image/frame

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Olivia Foley
Olivia Foley on 1 Mar 2017
Answered: Prateek Khandelwal on 13 Mar 2017
I am currently writing a plugin that will allow me to overlay two video files. The issue is, I want to be able to set one of the frames of the video file as a reference file for the what I'm overlaying. So for example:
Video 1 has 5 frames, I need frame 3 to be the reference frame. I then want to be able to load video 2 and rotate it and be on any frame without it affecting video one. I've got this second bit coded, but the first bit I am really unsure where to begin.

Answers (1)

Prateek Khandelwal
Prateek Khandelwal on 13 Mar 2017
Hello Olivia,
the VideoReader function call can be used to read a specific frame from a video file. One tricky part is that you need to provide the timestamp of the frame, however, that should be fairly straight forward calculation.

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