in the code imgradient3 and also in imgradient; Gazimuth = atan2(-Gy,Gx)*180/pi. My question is why this -Gy is used?

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Syed reza
Syed reza on 26 Feb 2017
My question has two parts. 1. When imgradient3 calculates Gazimuth, it uses the following equation Gazimuth = atan2(-Gy,Gx)*180/pi. Why -Gy is used instead of Gy in the equation? 2. How to get back of Gx, Gy, Gz values from Gmag, Gazimuth and Gelevation? When I was trying to get Gx, Gy, Gz values using simple geometry, I am getting everything right except an opposite sign for Gy.
Thanks in advance.

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