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How do I present my solutions?

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Aidan Shek
Aidan Shek on 22 Feb 2017
Commented: Jan on 22 Feb 2017
If for example I got a matrix of : A = [1;2;3;4] how do i get it into the form so that in the matlab console it displays for example
x_answer = 1
y_answer = 2
z_answer = 3
p_answer = 4
Jan on 22 Feb 2017
@John: This is a good answer and cannot be accepted, when it is posted as comment.
John Chilleri
John Chilleri on 22 Feb 2017
I often find that when I post simple approaches, people follow up with clever approaches, so I tend to want to comment my simple approaches :]

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Answers (1)

John Chilleri
John Chilleri on 22 Feb 2017
You could write a simple function,
function printToAidanSheksDesires(A)
fprintf('\nA = \n\n')
fprintf(' x_answer = %d\n',A(1))
fprintf(' y_answer = %d\n',A(2))
fprintf(' z_answer = %d\n',A(3))
fprintf(' p_answer = %d\n',A(4))
You can remove spacing and A = or adjust whatever else you'd like.
Hope this helps!
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Jan on 22 Feb 2017
@John: Sometimes a simple approach is simply optimal. +1

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