Error using days365

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anand mahadevan
anand mahadevan on 21 Feb 2017
Answered: Andreas Goser on 9 Feb 2018
The piece of code below is an example given in the Matlab documentation at
NumDays = days365('15-jan-2000', '15-mar-2000')
But running this gives an error message which reads
"Undefined function 'days365' for input arguments of type 'char'".
I am using the matlab online.
I was wondering what was the cause for the error.
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Asliddin Komilov
Asliddin Komilov on 9 Feb 2018
i have the same problem, my old code had days365 and now it doesn't do the job

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Answers (1)

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 9 Feb 2018
To debug, run the command:
which days365 -all
It should just return one line, like for me:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017b\toolbox\finance\calendar\days365.m
In case you have something else as first output, you have another function or variable with the same name on the path - a "shadowing" effect.


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