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image capture with inbuilt laptop camera

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Ashwin Singaravel
Ashwin Singaravel on 15 Feb 2017
Commented: vv_art on 12 Nov 2019
Error using videoinput (line 217) Invalid ADAPTORNAME specified. Type 'imaqhwinfo' for a list of available ADAPTORNAMEs. Image acquisition adaptors may be available as downloadable support packages. Open Support Package Installer to install additional vendors.
Error in image (line 1) vid = videoinput('winvideo', 1);
I am getting the above error.
MY CODE : vid = videoinput('winvideo', 1); set(vid, 'ReturnedColorSpace', 'RGB'); img = getsnapshot(vid); imshow(img)
I didn't use any external USB cameras. I am trying to use inbuilt laptop camera. But Image acquisition tool didn't find any adaptor for that. I am using windows 10. I checked the device manager for imaging device and I found 'HP Truevision HD'. But I am not getting any installed adaptors. so now tell me How to interface my inbuilt laptop camera with the MATLAB.

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Sergen Kuzey
Sergen Kuzey on 9 Mar 2017
My problem is the same. Is there anything that can help?? I found the solution!!!!! To install a support package:
On the MATLAB Home tab, in the Environment section, click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages. In the Add-On Explorer, scroll to the Hardware Support Packages section, and click show all to find your support package. You can refine the list by selecting * _ _ OS Generic Video Interface__* and install this. Mission Complated :)

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Hassan Mehmood Khan
Hassan Mehmood Khan on 9 May 2017
Install "OS Generic Video Interface"


nischita waddenkery
nischita waddenkery on 3 Aug 2018
after installing the os generic video interface, What is next step. Can you send one example and how to use
vv_art on 12 Nov 2019
Use the same example like vid = videoinput('winvideo', 1); set(vid, 'ReturnedColorSpace', 'RGB'); img = getsnapshot(vid); imshow(img)
It captures your image from the video captured from the inbuilt camera in the laptop

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