How to display and delete different line in graph when checkbox check and uncheck

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Hey there, I need to make a application in which i need to display graph for sensor reading, I am reading temerature sensor light sensor accelerator sensor. and these option is in check box, firstly when i click connect button the temperature sensor should be in graph only then when i click checkbox the line should appear in graph, when i uncheck it line should disappear, and all the line should be in single graph.
I am posting my code which is only dummy but data is live from arduino.
clear all; global a; % global p1; % global p2;
tempflag =0; global secondflag; secondflag = 0; iter =1; a = arduino('COM7', 'Uno');
% --- Executes on button press in pushbutton1. function pushbutton1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) set(handles.axes1, 'Visible','on'); % %
x=0; global a; global tempflag;
while 1 % disp(tempflag);
analog = (v/0.0048875);
temp = -(analog * 0.48828125);
x = [x temp];
handles.p1 = plot(handles.axes1 , x, 'color', 'blue');
set(handles.p1, 'tag', 'p1');
subplot(2, 2, [1 3]);
% hold on;
% handles.p2 = plot (handles.axes1, -x , 'color', 'red');
% set(handles.p2, 'tag', 'p2');
legend('Temperature','Location', 'southwest');
xlabel('Time') % x-axis label
ylabel('Temerature') % y-axis label
set(handles.edit1,'String', num2str(temp));
if(value == 0) % delete(findobj('tag','p1')); set(findobj('tag','p1'), 'Visible', 'off') ; hold on; % tempflag =1;
iter = 0; elseif (value == 1) % set(findobj('tag','p1'), 'Visible', 'on') ; % tempflag =0; %show again
please help me on this

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Massimo Zanetti
Massimo Zanetti on 10 Feb 2017


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