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Store output program to a 3 d array as matrix

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Aliff Zin
Aliff Zin on 31 Jan 2017
Commented: Aliff Zin on 1 Feb 2017
Sorry if i sounded stupid, i am new to matlab
I wanted to do experiment on fingervein system, i got 10 users with 12 images of each person, i have create all my pre processing step in my main function including the looping
but what i wanted to know is how do i save all the processesd image into array and concatenating them into one 3d matrix so my output will be 10x12. It is possible?
Thank you
Jan on 31 Jan 2017
@Aliff Zin: Please post more details, e.g. example data or existing code. I'm sure it is possible what you want, but I assume the answ3er "yes" will not make you happy.
Aliff Zin
Aliff Zin on 31 Jan 2017
Hi, sorry if my question is not clear
I have main function where it runs HOG feature vector and i tested on 10 users with 12 fingers of each
So when i run my main code, it will automatically store the output of extracted features (3060) x 10(user) x 12 (image) from the looping in my main function.
I need to store it in 3 different arrays each. So that i can concatenate them to form a 3D matrix. So i can have a matrix size of 3060 x 10 x 12
Sorry if it is not clear. Thank you for your reply.

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Answers (1)

Niels on 1 Feb 2017
Edited: Niels on 1 Feb 2017
for user=1:10
for imageNumber= 1:12
% for this to work you will need some way to get the right name
% cant help any further without more information (like image names etc)
A{user,imageNumber}=imread ("replace.png");
i think this might be kind of what you wanted
A{user,imageNumber} % will get you the data you want to access
Aliff Zin
Aliff Zin on 1 Feb 2017
This is my code after choose from the folder. (I currently have 10 files represent 10 users and 12 images of same size in each file) I include all the processing step in this code What i wanted is to store the hog feature length, total file of 10 (users), and 12 images in 3 different array and concatenating them as 3d matrix
So that my size will be 720 x 10 x 12. I need this matrix so that i can proceed with SVM. Thanks for you reply
if numberOfImageFiles >= 1
for f = 1 : numberOfImageFiles
fullFileName = fullfile(thisFolder, baseFileNames(f).name);
%%PRE-Processing step%%%%
imageArray = imread(fullFileName);
imageArray = imadjust(imageArray,stretchlim(imageArray),[]);
imageArray = imresize(imageArray, 0.3);
fprintf('Now Processing image in %s\n', fullFileName);
Aliff Zin
Aliff Zin on 1 Feb 2017
Sorry if my code seems wrong, i really really new to matlab. I need to get this done for my project. Thank you sir.

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