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Hello guys. I need to have a live video stream on matlab. I prefer if it's not on GUIDE. I found one but it's a .dll file and I can't use it. When I call it's function i get error. Do they need to be complied into matlab in any way???
All I need is to be able to capture an image from video stream each half second or maybe more. I have a code to process images but I want them to be taken from live webcam.
I appreciate any help. Regards, Arman
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Robert on 13 Feb 2016
Im also very interested in this. Has anyone figured out how to bring a live stream into matlab for processing???

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Onomitra Ghosh
Onomitra Ghosh on 13 Mar 2012
Edited: Onomitra Ghosh on 3 Mar 2020
You will need the Image Acquisition Toolbox for that. You can look at the examples provided at:
A typical workflow will be:
vid = videoinput('winvideo'); img = getsnapshot(vid);
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arman Yaraee
arman Yaraee on 19 Feb 2014
Thank you very much. I thought I have accepted this answer long ago. You did a great help to me two years ago with my A-Level project.
Regards, Arman

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