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Undefined function 'year' for input arguments of type 'double'. <- on new 64bit pc with 64bit matlab installed

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tombola on 13 Mar 2012
Hi, if we type
On any of our 32bit boxes we get ans = 2012
But on our new 64bit box we get Undefined function 'year' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Am I missing something silly here?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 13 Mar 2012
The function year is contained in the Financial Toolbox, see: Web:doc year. If you did not install this toolbox on the 64 bit system, this function is not available. A work around:
function Y = myYear(D)
V = datevec(D);
Y = V(:, 1);
I do not have the Financial Toolbox. If this code equals the contents of the original year.m by accident, please post this as a comment, such that I can delete this code soon. :-)
Jan on 13 Mar 2012
Btw, you cannot find this information locally on your computer, because "doc year" is found only, if you have the toolbox installed. But Google finds the documentation on the TMW server for almost all Matlab functions as first match when searching for e.g. "Matlab year".

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