Call matlab function from python coroutine

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Max Ehrlich
Max Ehrlich on 19 Jan 2017
Edited: Soumya Saxena on 27 Jan 2017
I am using Matlab 2016b to compile some code into a python library. This compiled code is then loaded into a python web server for execution at some later time. The code that eventually executes the matlab module is a coroutine using the new asyncio features of python 3.5. Whenever this module tries to call the matlab code, it just hangs on waiting for the FutureResult.result() function. The same code, when called from a normal python function, works fine. Is there any workaround for this or is it unsupported by Matlab?

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Soumya Saxena
Soumya Saxena on 27 Jan 2017
Edited: Soumya Saxena on 27 Jan 2017
I understand that upon calling the matlab function from the python module, the program hangs. Could you share the code that is causing this issue so that I can reproduce it ?
A small reproduction code that illustrates this issue, but without use of the webserver would greatly help.


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