Writing a function for an interpolation method

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Meghan on 19 Jan 2017
Commented: Meghan on 19 Jan 2017
Hello all
I wonder if someone could help me. I've been writing a function to use a certain type of interpolation method. The 2D section of it works, however I'm having a problem with the 3D part of it. My supervisor has also edited it and we're still getting an error. I've attached the function and my test script. The error we keep getting is:
Output argument "output" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "interp_azonal3Dv2".
Error in test (line 55)
[vel_test] =interp_azonal3Dv2(x,y,sigloc,lvls,tri,vel); % 6 variables
Any help is much appreciated :)
P.s. you won't be able to run the function because it calls on data that I can't post on this website.
Meghan on 19 Jan 2017
Thanks for the help. I actually changed a few things around and now it works :)
Such effort for such tiny errors!

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