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VideoReader support for 10-bit h.264 MP4 files

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When reading a 10-bit h.264 in mp4 container from the GH5 with VideoReader (2016b) I seem to get a good-looking file, but it is only displaying 8 bits and BitsPerPixel=24 - is there a different approach that can be used for reading these files and preserve the full bit depth?

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Mudambi Srivatsa
Mudambi Srivatsa on 9 Jan 2017
videoReader does not support reading 10-bit H.264 MP4 files. Hence, the data is rescaled to 8-bit. There is no workaround currently available for this issue.
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Jonas Gustavsson
Jonas Gustavsson on 9 Jan 2017
Thanks for answering - hoping Mathworks can fix this in the future since I imagine higher bitdepth footage is the future!

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Will Reeves
Will Reeves on 30 Jul 2019
It's the middle of 2019... I personally don't think that VideoReader not supporting 10bit content is an "Acceptable answer". Do you?


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