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Does the Database Toolbox work also with Wonderware Historian Database on MS SQL Server?

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Attached you can find a sql file (I saved it as txt file just for upload!) that works on the server itself, but not when using runsqlscript. It does not get any data. I have of course tested the connection and it works perfectly. It seems there is a problem with complex queries that are using the historian table (?!).
Please - does anyone have experience with Matlab and Wonderware Historian?
Kind regards, Roland

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Prateek Khandelwal
Prateek Khandelwal on 3 Jan 2017
Hi Roland.
Can you please elaborate on how you tested the connection ? And does the same query work if you push it through a client ?
I would also like to point you to the limitations of the runsqlscript, for one, un-escaped apostrophes may lead to unexpected results. I would suggest to test out the function `runsqlscript` by incrementally increasing the complexity of the SQL query you are pushing. This would help identifying the specific construct that is creating the trouble.

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