Not able to use the PDE toolbox

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Saurav Chakraborty
Saurav Chakraborty on 27 Dec 2016
Commented: Preethi on 30 Dec 2016
I am a student of IIT Delhi which has academic licences of version 15b and 6 user licences for the PDE toolbox. I have gone through some tutorials on using the PDE toolbox for solving 3D finite element problems. But i am getting error messages in the prompt on trying to execute any command (like createpde or pdetool) related to the tool box as shown in the image attached. Please suggest the possible reason and the way out.

Answers (1)

Preethi on 27 Dec 2016
check if the toolbox is installed or not. use
if you can find Partial Differential Equation Toolbox in the list, then its installed.
Preethi on 30 Dec 2016
the command is
I am unable to get the text from the first two lines

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