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How to designate an axes for plot in the GUI environment with a timer

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I have two GUI figures, with one having an axes in to plot using 'plot' in a time function. However, when the second GUI window opens, the plot will get to the 2nd GUI, rather than staying in the 1st figure. If I use a command like 'openfig', it will generate an error in the timer function.
Any suggestions?
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David Barry
David Barry on 6 Dec 2016
Have you created an axes handle and are you using it as the first input to plot? Can you share your code?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Dec 2016
When you create the timer callback, pass the axes handle as one of the parameters to it.
ax = handles.axes3;
t = timer('Callback', @(src, event) MyTimerCallback(src, event, ax), ....);
function MyTimerCallback(src, event, ax)
plot(ax, ....)
Feng on 6 Dec 2016
Thanks Walter, for trying to help me!
Here is the related part of the code I changed based on your suggestion:
ax = handles.TG_Plot
b = timer;
b.period = 5; = 'PowerAndCurrent';
b.TimerFcn = @(src, event) PowerCurrentRead(src, event, ax);
b.StartDelay = 0.3;
function PowerCurrentRead(src, event, ax)
plot(ax, w(1,:), w(2,:),'r','Linewidth',2)
The TG_Plot is the Axes I generated in the gui environment where I intended to plot.
It starts to plot on this Axes. But as soon as I start working on the second gui figure, the plot jump to the new gui, and will come back after I close the 2nd gui.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Dec 2016
That should not happen with that code, not unless somehow the Parent of handles.TG_Plot gets set to the new figure.
By the way, where is PowerCurrentRead getting w from?

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