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shaping matrix w.r.t. the array

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sermet on 5 Dec 2016
Answered: Guillaume on 5 Dec 2016
for example
Cyy=[0.1;0.2;0.3;0.4;0.5]; %array
how can I create Q matrix w.r.t the Cyy array as follows;
Q=[Cyy(1) Cyy(2) Cyy(3) Cyy(4) Cyy(5);Cyy(2) Cyy(1) Cyy(2) Cyy(3) Cyy(4) Cyy(5);Cyy(3) Cyy(2) Cyy(1) Cyy(2) Cyy(3);Cyy(4) Cyy(3) Cyy(2) Cyy(1) Cyy(2);Cyy(5) Cyy(4) Cyy(3) Cyy(2) Cyy(1)];

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 5 Dec 2016
fliplr(hankel(flip(Cyy), Cyy))

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