Simulink Separately excited DC motor

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Aaron Connell
Aaron Connell on 4 Dec 2016
Commented: Naveen Kumaar on 15 Dec 2017
I have never used simulink before, but I want to create the DC motor below. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Do I start a blank model, blank project? I mean, I am completely lost. Is there anyone who can create it and share it in File exchange?? Thanks in advance for the advice. The following is what I have to do with it after I build it.
1. Use Matlab to construct this circuit of a seperately excited DC motor
2. Vary the resistor values of the 3-step starter and observe armature current, developed torque, and motor speed
3. Remove the existing variable load torques and apply a constant load torque of 28 N.m.
4. Select the values of resistors R1, R2, and R3 such that the armature current does not exceed 40 A.
5. Calculate the efficiency of the motor under the loading condition of Section 4.

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