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I meet with a question,The Add-On Explorer is currently unavailable,who knows?thank you very much

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EkoSusatio on 17 Dec 2016
This is my experience and its working for me with R2106B and Win10. I will give you an example with case of installing OS Generic Video Interface to enable Matlab 2016B accessing webcam.
1. Download Support Package via browser here (or maybe another link) Click on Get Support Package. Save the "osgenericvideointerface.mlpkginstall" in any folder you prefer.
2. Start Matlab R2016B and select the prefered folder where "osgenericvideointerface.mlpkginstall" saved.
3. In the Current Folder of Matlab interface, rightclick on "osgenericvideointerface.mlpkginstall", choose download and install.
4. Follow the installation procsess.
5. Check with "imaqhwinfo", in the InstalledAdapter there should be "winvideo" there.
I think for other case, it will also work. I tried with package for OS Generic and Kinect. If you need another package, just search the "*.mlpkginstall" file and follow the step above. Good Luck

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