converting a Fahrenheit degree to a Celsius degree, then use this function in a “for” loop to calculate the equivalent Celsius degrees for the Fahrenheit degrees from 0 to 200

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for loop

Accepted Answer

goc3 on 15 Oct 2016
You don't need to use a for loop. See the following vectorized solution:
% create an array from 0 to 200 (default increment of one used)
deg_F = 0:200; %temperature in Fahrenheit
% convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
deg_C = (deg_F - 32) / 9 * 5; %temperature in Celsius

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Oct 2016
Try this:
% Make an "anonymous function".
f2c = @(f) (f-32)*5/9;
% Convert all f from 0 to 200 into C
for f = 0 : 200
c = f2c(f);
fprintf('%d F = %.1f C\n', f, c);


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