How to solve differential equation system?

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c4ndc on 5 Oct 2016
Answered: c4ndc on 4 Nov 2016
Hello, I want to learn how can i write a code for the solution of differential equations below? What is the matrix form of this system?
I tried different ways but I can't overcome it. Thanks for help.

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Pritesh Shah
Pritesh Shah on 5 Oct 2016
doc ode45 in matlab command. You will get examples.
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c4ndc on 5 Oct 2016
Edited: c4ndc on 5 Oct 2016
Thank you for your answer. I looked this documentation but I'm newbie on MATLAB. So, I need more basic way.
function dNdt = rhs(t,N,par)
dNdt = zeros(length(N),1);
nk = length(N)/par.n;
for i = 1 : par.n
for k = 1 : nk
for j = i : par.n
for l = 1 : par.n
dNdt((i-1)*nk + k) = dNdt((i-1)*nk + k) + beta(j,l) * b(i,k,j,l) * S(j,k) * N((j-1)*nk + k) - S(i,k) * N((i-1)*nk + k);
I used above code with my friends help but I didn't succeed.

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c4ndc on 4 Nov 2016
Sorry, is there anybody to explain how can I use ode45?

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