How to resolve an optimization problem related to setpath?

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Cuong on 5 Oct 2016
Commented: Cuong on 5 Oct 2016
I just copied 100% an example from here:
anonrosen = @(x)(100*(x(2) - x(1)^2)^2 + (1-x(1))^2); opts = optimoptions(@fmincon,'Algorithm','interior-point'); problem = createOptimProblem('fmincon','x0',randn(2,1),... 'objective',anonrosen,'lb',[-2;-2],'ub',[2;2],... 'options',opts);
However, when I run the codes using Matlab, I got the message " Error using horzcat Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Error in cell/strcat (line 54) t{i} = [s{:,i}]; "
Then, I type restoredefaultpath, then the example of creating an optimization runs well without any error. However, if I type restoredefaultpath, I can not use some functions that I wrote and put in some folders. I want to optimize those functions use global search. To use those functions, I need to setpath. However, after setting paths to those folders I got the same message above when "createOptimProblem"
Also, I got the same error when trying to save path permanently with "pathdef" issue. I have to set path everytime I run Matlab. The message with pathdef was attached. I tried to google, but no way is successful.

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Pritesh Shah
Pritesh Shah on 5 Oct 2016
May be, you don't have admin rights. Put your all codes in current folder.
Try, it may work.
All the best !!
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Cuong on 5 Oct 2016
I tried different ways (google for answers before asking) but no way works :( so upset

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