how to find the corrupted data at Non volatile memory(NVM) in simulink?

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I haev block for NVM, uint16 is the size, presently I am limiting it using Saturation block, How to get,if the data is corrupted in that block?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Oct 2016
For something like that you would normally use at least an error detection code (such as a CRC), and possibly an error correction code;
Arun Badigannavar
Arun Badigannavar on 3 Oct 2016
Can I use Low Limit and high limiter(for uint16) and if data goes less/beyond that, Can I say that, Data is corrupted?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Oct 2016
No. For NVRAM, corrupted data is data for which the write to NVRAM stored a different value that was requested to write, together with data which reads back from the NVRAM differently than what was previous written to that location. If you write a saturated value and the NVRAM reads back the saturated value when you eventually ask what is there, then the NVRAM is not corrupted.
An example of "corrupted data" is data written to a magnetic stripe card, when you bring the card too close to a strong magnetic field: it no longer has the original data stored in it.
Most NVRAM technologies have a (fairly high) rated number of read cycles, and a (much) lower rated number of write cycles, before the NVRAM or the stored data starts to wear out. See page 3-14 at for some of the causes.

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