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why is brushing disabled for timeseries plots in R16? Can it be enabled?

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Built a set of routines for using brushing in R14, and it will be a pain to keep switching back and forth between installs, and, of course, there will come the day when that can't be done.

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Anusha Sridharan
Anusha Sridharan on 7 Oct 2016
I am assuming that by R14 you are talking about MATLAB R2014a and by R16 you mean R2016a. R14SP2 and R143 are version of MATLAB prior to R2006a.
As per the release notes linked below:
there seem to be no major changes made to 'brushing' after R2008a when Data Brushing was introduced for Graphs and Linked Variables.
However, in MATLAB R2016a, brushing and data linking was "enabled" for bivariate histograms.
You could probably look at the documentation for 'brushing' linked below which talks about an 'on'/'off' to enable/disable brushing.


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