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Raspberry Pi 3 wont connect to matlab via cable

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Robbin van Hoek
Robbin van Hoek on 30 Sep 2016
Commented: Fahad Sohail on 9 Sep 2019
My Raspberry Pi 3 will not connect to my laptop anymore. I have tried to start with a fresh SD-card multiple times using
I select a direct connection (so connection via ethernet cable directly to the laptop), which i have successfully used in the past. However when continuing, the wizard is not capable of establishing a connection. Then in the dialog that shows up i click next i get the following error dialog:
Error: Connect the Raspberry Pi hardware
Struct contents reference from a non-struct array object.
It almost seems as if the hardware is faulty, but i have used the same hardware yesterday with success. I have already consulted the "Troubleshoot Connecting to Raspberry Pi Hardware" documentation of Matlab, but his really only list three cases, which mine is not one of. When trying to connect via
mypi = raspi
i get
Error using matlabshared.internal.ssh2client
Error connecting to SSH server at
Error in raspi (line 156)
obj.Ssh = matlabshared.internal.ssh2client(obj.IpNode.Hostname, ...
What am i doing wrong?
Fahad Sohail
Fahad Sohail on 9 Sep 2019
Matlab 2018a does not support package for RPi 3b+
Matlab 2018a gives us the support for mobel 3b. when i powered on the RPi, it is not reading the SD card properly. thus connection is not being established (over ehternet cable/wireless)
I've tried several ways..
Maybe the newer version of matlab will give 3b+ model add-ons.

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