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How to convert a numeric array to a table.I want the first row of data of the array to be J and the second row of data to be K in a table T[J K];

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>> A=imread('C:\Users\ADMIN\Desktop\canada.bmp');
>> level=graythresh(A);
>> B=im2bw(A);
>> O=imcontour(B);
I'm building this code and the last command returns an array wich has two rows of data!These data are the points of contoured image invariants.I want to create a table which will take the first row of data as J and the second row as K in a new table T[J K];Don't mind if it's double or unit8 or something else.Please help!!


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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 29 Aug 2016
array2table(O.', 'VariableNames', {'J', 'K'});
Single letter variable names / column names are not good practice. Use variable names that have meaning.


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Guillaume on 29 Aug 2016
Please, see the help on working with tables
mytable = array2table(O.', 'VariableNames', {'J', 'K'});
mytable(1, :) %return 1st row of mytable as a table
mytable.J(1) %return 1st element of column J

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 29 Aug 2016

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