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can't install matlab2013a on my macbook el capitan?

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When i tried to install 2013 student version of matlab on my macbook (el capitan 10.11.4 version) i got the following message. I did what the recommendation is on download link but it failed. Could someone help what i got this message. Thanks in advance.

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SHAMSUL FAISAL on 20 Aug 2016
I also used to have this kind of problem, then I managed to solve it by following the instructions on the following link:
Please follow the instructions and let me know if you still have problem. Have a nice day.
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Ahmet Derdiyok
Ahmet Derdiyok on 21 Aug 2016
Thanks for you prompt respond Faisal. I tried what you recommended but the result remained same. The problem i have is not the installer. I managed the installer has worked. But installer could not find the appropriate downloadable products in the installer file. I did what instructions say in matlab link but nothing changed. i got the following message again and again. If you have any comment on this i would be appreciate. Thanks.


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