Read data in real time. Shell command to matlab ?

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I am sending data from the iPhone to the shell command (using nc), I would like to read those data in matlab and plot it.
I used Serial, but this ask me a 'PORT' and I don't have one. So I don't know how to proceed. I don't find the answer on the net, probably someone already needed the same but I don't find it.
Thank you for your help.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Jul 2016
If you have the Instrument Control Toolbox, just use tcp() directly instead of receiving by netcat. If you do not have that toolbox, look in the File Exchange for tcpudpip()
If you want to stick to netcat then you need to send its output to a file, and you need to open the file and read from it, instead of trying to use a serial port. Depending on your operating system and exact needs, you might want to write to a fifo (created with mkfifo) instead of a file.
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RogerLM on 15 Jul 2016
Great. I have the Instrument Control Toolbox and it works perfectly. Thank you !

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