Simulink - Hysteresis model

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babak dindar safa
babak dindar safa on 11 Jul 2016
Answered: Jose Sosa Lopez on 7 May 2020
Hi guys, for one of my projects, i need to use bouc-wen hysteresis model. i decided to use matlab+simulink to get the data, so i came up with a code and a simulink model for that, but it seems something is wrong and i can't find where ...
need help with it.
any suggestion and help is appreciated. also attached the simulink model. this is the code i run from Matlab :
%Load Initial Data
ACC=load('El Centro_40.txt');
ag=9.8*ACC(:,1); %m/s^2 horizontal ground acceleration
dt=0.02; %s ground acceleration time step
T=length(ACC)*dt; %s ground acceleration duration
t=dt:dt:T; % time vector
N=length(ag); % time steps number
%Define Factors
alpha = 0.5;
betta = 0.5;
gamma = 0.1;
n = 1.1;
A = -2;
mass = 1000; %in g
Fy = 125; %in KN
Uy = 0.2; %in m
a = 0;
c = 0;
Id = 0;
Iv = 0;
stiffness = 0; %in KN
D = 1;
%Input Data for Simulink
ddx_in = [t',ag];
%Run Simulink
%Output Data From Simulink
dz = dz_out';
x = x_out';
z = z_out';
exc = exc_out';
Ft = Ft_out';
dx = dx_out';
%Convert Timeseries Data to simple array
dzdata = dz.Data;
xdata = x.Data;
zdata = z.Data;
excdata = exc.Data;
Ftdata = Ft.Data;
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Omar on 23 May 2017
can you attach the Simulink model?

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Answers (2)

José Manuel Soria Herrera
The simulink model is not attached...

Jose Sosa Lopez
Jose Sosa Lopez on 7 May 2020
I have solved a Bouc wen model in the link you can go to the file and formula


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