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Compile matlab application in Windows for run it in a linux operating system

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I need to compile a matlab scripts in a Windows computer to execute it in a linux computer.
I have installed the compiler in matlab but I do not know how to proceed. Is it possible to do it in a Windows computer?
Thanks for your help.

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Pierre Harouimi
Pierre Harouimi on 14 Nov 2019
If you want a .exe, this is specific to windows and then it can't run on both windows and linux/mac.
Technically you can compile with -C and create an external ctf (instead of embedding it in the application) and use ctfxlauncher on a different platform to run the program.
Cross-platform should also work for python, java and c++ (using matlab data array) although the installers created using deploytool wil only work on the platform they were created on.


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