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Construct 3D surface from 2D segmented Contours

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Muhammad Jawaid
Muhammad Jawaid on 16 Jun 2016
Edited: Muhammad Jawaid on 16 Jun 2016
Hy, can someone help me to contruct 3D surface in matlab with help of 2D segmentation contours. I am working with CTA Volume, and I have manually segmented boundary of Aorta(internal Organ) by traversing throught 2d axial slices. Now I want to visualize and calculate the volume of segmented aorta, But I have got only 2D contours. Image attached[reproduced from thesis of Fabian Balsiger], shows my requirement that I am able to perform manual segmentation on consecutive 2D axial slices, but what I am looking is to construct/build 3d surface for volume quantification as shown in bottom row of this figure.


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