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Signal Frequency evaluation using Wavelet transform (CWT, Morlet wavelet)

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I have a signal (32Hz sampling rate) and I have to evaluate it's frequency using Wavelet transform. The most interesting frequencies are from 0.005 - 2 HZ and I want to evaluate their power...
I would like to plot a - 3D plot (frequency / time / power) - 2D plot
Please give me instructions to do that. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 13 Jun 2016
Hi Marko, Do you have access to R2015b or later? If so, take a look at this example:

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Marko on 21 Jun 2016
Hi one more time
in this article: They say they choose scales between 0.5 and 200. The scale was discretized with sigma=1.05. scale 0.5 corresponds 2Hz and scale 200 corresponds 0.005Hz...according to scal2frq function, this frequencies are different in my case... How they get frequencies between 0.005Hz - 2 Hz?

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