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CWT design in simulink

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vinod naidu
vinod naidu on 25 May 2016
Answered: Paramonte on 10 May 2018
my motivation for using the simulink is it supports particular hardware package , as per my project i have a sound signals which will give the output frequency peaks when CWTFT applied using CWT tools and I have tried to convert my implemented matlab code to C/C++ using code gen while converting the function and sub functions are too many (32 sub-fn's for scl2frq ) and unsupported syntax like "try" "catch" i switched to simulink design , How would i design scl2frq, morl ,cwt functions blocks for simulation in matlab if i design my code in simulink the entire design would support for C code gen ?

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Paramonte on 10 May 2018
Did you get any reply? Also interested

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