String to matlabFunction is there any way to replace sym('StringFunction') in R2016a

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I wanted to create a simple GUI that take a function edited in edit text and convert it from a string to an anonymous function to use it in optimization problem, first I planned as follows:
strg = 'a*X-bX^2+c';
symStrg = sym(strg);
funStrg = matlabFunction(symStrg);
and processed with the resulting anonymous function, but this seems to be no longer supported starting from R2016a see here ,am I right? and if yes, is there any work around to have a GUI taking edited function as string and convert it to Matlab function that can be used in optimization problem or plotting or any other staff.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Apr 2016
No, it is still supported in R2016a; it will be removed in a later release. It does emit a warning, though.
Remember, by the way, to have a multiplication between your b and your X^2

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