Error in debug mode: Method not defined or removed from search path.

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I recently updated from R2013a to R2016a and now my way of experimenting in debug-mode causes an error, which I cannot remember I ever seen before (my memory might be short). The error is: "Method ... not defined ... or removed from ... search path."
Example from a session:
  • Execution is halted by a break-point (and possibly stepped) into a public method of the class, h5pia.StringTree.
  • I want to try a call to the public method, find_wildcard, of the same class. methods(this) confirms that the method exists
  • I made an interactive call, ix_b01 = this.find_wildcard('B01'), which caused the error. See below.
  • I clicked Continue and got the error again. And clicked Quit
  • Back at the &gt&gt prompt calls to several of my functions returned "... not found". &nbsp plot(1:12) worked.
  • The GUI, Set Path, indicated that the path was okay.
  • Finally, rehash path solved the problem - temporarily(?).
K>> methods(this)
Methods for class h5pia.StringTree:
StringTree find_root2node is_child strcmp
add_node find_wildcard is_leaf strcmp_wildcard
K>> ix_b01 = this.find_wildcard( 'B01' )
Error using h5pia.StringTree/find_wildcard
Method 'find_wildcard' is not defined for class 'h5pia.StringTree' or is removed from
MATLAB's search path.
here I gave up and hit continue
Error using TestResult/addError
Method 'addError' is not defined for class 'TestResult' or is removed from MATLAB's search
Error in TestCase/run (line 64)
this.result.addError( me );
Error in PiaUnit/RunCase (line 358)
saRslt.( curCase.Name ) = caList, fh );
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback
  • Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  • Is there a way to avoid this error when experimenting in debug-mode?

Answers (2)

Arnab Sen
Arnab Sen on 29 Apr 2016
Hi per,
If rehash path resolves the issue at least fro the current session, you can save the path by executing the following command in MATLAB Command Window:
>> rehash path
For more details, refer to the following link:

Bryant Kobe
Bryant Kobe on 13 Mar 2017
I have met the same problem, any one who can help me solve this?


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