Share Matlab files in the cloud storage with multiple mobiles

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It's possible to make access for several mobiles to one's matlab storage cloud (classes and functions), assuming all of mobile holders possess matlab licence?
I have some classes and functions on my MATLAB Cloud Storage, I can run and use them from my cellphone obviously. Is it possible to access from several mobiles ( several matlab licence holders), to my files and run their own scripts using my classes and unctions, but no able to modify those files?
Thanks in advance.

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Arnab Sen
Arnab Sen on 26 Apr 2016
Hello Seyedhamidreza,
It's seems not to be possible to share the files directly amongst multiple MATLAB mobiles. It's possible to share file using MATLAB online. So, to share the file you may consider following workaround:
1. Open MATLAB mobile.
2. Launch MATLAB online using a browser from the same mobile.
3. Create a workspace variable.
4. The variable should be automatically sent to MATLAB online workspace through MATLAB drive cloud storage in real time.
5. Now, Save the variable in a '.mat' file and put that file in a folder (say, myfolder)
6. Right click on 'myfolder' and you can see an option called 'share'.
7. Select 'share' option and it'll prompt for the email id or user id with whom the file to be shared.
Thus the file will be shared with the specific user ids.

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