Are Dutch Secondary School eligible for student licences?

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We are two students attending a secondary school in the Netherlands. We are in our fifth year and have write an extended essay. We'd like to use the MATLab program in our research, and our school is willing to pay €35 for the student version of MATLab. However, the website mentions the student package is only offered to students attending a degree offering institute. As MATLab's website does not account for the Dutch school system, which differs from the American system, we were wondering whether we are eligible to buy and use this student package.

Yours sincerely,

Isaiah van Hunen and Keanu Linkers Students of "Middelbare school" Dalton Den Haag, fifth year.

Accepted Answer

Scott on 15 Apr 2016
Hi Isaiah van Hunen,
Thanks for your question. MATLAB Student is generally intended for use by college and university students, however secondary school and high school students are also eligible to use MATLAB Student for schoolwork.
Please keep in mind that MATLAB Student is for individual use only, so each student who needs to use MATLAB will need to purchase their own license. A MATLAB Student license can be used throughout the entirety of a student's academic career, so when your students graduate and later attend college or university, they can continue to use the MATLAB Student license they purchased in secondary school.
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Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres on 21 Jan 2019
Hello Scott:
My son is in the same situation of Isaiah & Keanu. He is attending a Peruvian secondary school and he is a fan of STEM courses, he enjoys programming, playing with Arduino, etc.
He asked me to buy him a Matlab student pack and I fully agree with his request. Can I buy the license for him with my account or does he have to open his own account at Matlab site?
I'm also planning to buy a Home license for me as well in order to help him and work together on his projects. Is it possible to register both licenses with my account?
Thank you in advance for the answer,
Carlos Torres Paredes
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Jan 2019
Call the Mathworks sales office directly for all sales and licensing related questions. This is the end-user community. It is possible to have a license administrator handle multiple licenses. That's what we do in my company, but you might have to set that up with the Mathworks.

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Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan on 22 Jan 2019
This license might be a better fit for primary and secondary schools as they grant license to the whole school as opposed to individuals.


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