how do you reuse a wavelet packet tree structure?

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I need to modify the coefficients of a wavelet packet decomposition at the 10th level. In fact, I only need to modify less than 10 coefficients, but of course at the 10th decomposition level there are 1024. Now that I have identified which packets I need to have, I can use wpjoin to remove all but 16 of the terminal nodes that I don't need. I see no functionality to reuse that structure to analyze other data sets.
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Eric Keller
Eric Keller on 8 Feb 2012
I noticed that plottree(treename) apparently ignores the tree structure that you have built and just goes and does a full decomposition to the level of the last leaf of the tree. I'm trying to kill plottree right now because it's been running for 10 minutes to plot a tree that takes microseconds to build.

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