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How to get Bus details from an output port using MATLAB and not Simulink?

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Mohamed Z.
Mohamed Z. on 12 Apr 2016
Commented: Mohamed Z. on 16 Apr 2016
I have a model which has input and output ports that are connected to buses internally. How to get the bus info without using Simulink at all? Bus info is the bus structure, depth, hierarchy and data types. In essence a matlab code that does function of data assistant in Simulink without Simulink.


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Answers (1)

sam0037 on 15 Apr 2016
Following link will help in getting the BUS details programatically:
Hope this helps!!!

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Mohamed Z.
Mohamed Z. on 16 Apr 2016
Thank you for your answer. However, as I said, I don't have a bus at hand. It is an output port that is internally connected to a bus in the model. The quetion is how to extract the signal information, and consequently hierarchy, from the output port which comprises a bus signal?

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