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constructing a bipartite graph from 0/1 matrix

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R yan
R yan on 6 Apr 2016
Commented: Josh Carmichael on 4 Dec 2020
I have a 0/1 matrix H of size m by n. I want to create a bipartite graph G such that:
G has m+n vertices. One partition of G contains m vertices (corresponding to rows). Another partition contains n vertices (corresponding to columns). There will be an edge between i(from partition 1) and j (from partition 2) if H(i,j)=1 . Please suggest some approach. thanks

Accepted Answer

Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 6 Apr 2016
Perhaps something like this?
% Make a random MxN adjacency matrix
m = 3
n = 5
a = rand(m,n)>.25;
% Expand out to symmetric (M+N)x(M+N) matrix
big_a = [zeros(m,m), a;
a', zeros(n,n)];
g = graph(big_a);
% Plot
h = plot(g);
% Make it pretty
h.XData(1:m) = 1;
h.XData((m+1):end) = 2;
h.YData(1:m) = linspace(0,1,m);
h.YData((m+1):end) = linspace(0,1,n);
Josh Carmichael
Josh Carmichael on 4 Dec 2020
Mike already decomposed the graph, it was the big_a command.

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