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uimenu mouse-over behavior .

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zohar on 5 Apr 2016
Commented: zohar on 6 Apr 2016
Hi all, I have a uimenu with a lot sub-menu. When I am moving the mouse over on each menu the sub-menu pop up. And if my hand is shaking it very annoying.
f = figure('MenuBar','None');
test = uimenu(f,'Label','test');
test1 = uimenu(test,'Label','test1','Callback','disp(''test1'')');
test2 = uimenu(test,'Label','test2','Callback','disp(''test2'')');
test3 = uimenu(test,'Label','test3','Callback','disp(''test3'')');
test4 = uimenu(test,'Label','test4','Callback','disp(''test4'')');
test11 = uimenu(test1,'Label','test11','Callback','disp(''test11'')');
test12 = uimenu(test1,'Label','test12','Callback','disp(''test12'')');
test13 = uimenu(test1,'Label','test13','Callback','disp(''test13'')');
test21 = uimenu(test2,'Label','test21','Callback','disp(''test21'')');
test22 = uimenu(test2,'Label','test22','Callback','disp(''test22'')');
test23 = uimenu(test2,'Label','test23','Callback','disp(''test23'')');
test31 = uimenu(test3,'Label','test31','Callback','disp(''test31'')');
test32 = uimenu(test3,'Label','test32','Callback','disp(''test32'')');
test33 = uimenu(test3,'Label','test33','Callback','disp(''test33'')');
test41 = uimenu(test4,'Label','test41','Callback','disp(''test41'')');
test42 = uimenu(test4,'Label','test42','Callback','disp(''test42'')');
test43 = uimenu(test4,'Label','test43','Callback','disp(''test43'')');
it looks like this
Now when I moving my mouse over the menu list the sub-menu pop-up,I don't want this behavior. I want that only if hit on the menu the sub-menu will appear, although the mouse is over the next menu.


zohar on 6 Apr 2016
Thx Walter, I saw this discussion and this is same problem that I am dealing with.
NO solution. Any help

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