Deleting a Column from an array?

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I am given a 21 x 345 array. I need to delete JUST column 190. How would I do so and keep all the rest the same so that it is a 21 x 344 array

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Mar 2016
If ‘M’ is your matrix, just set the entire column to the empty array []:
M(:,190) = [];

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 30 Mar 2016
Edited: Joseph Cheng on 30 Mar 2016
you can use the indexing of arrays to delete a column.
A = 1:10; %1x10; counting from 1 to 10;
to delete column 9 (ie number 9)
A(:,9)=[] % which reads all rows of A in column 9 is now empty.
Thats what the : in the first part as indexing goes (rows, columns)

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