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How do I create a correct Z matrix from a 'one-value​-per-parti​cipant' variable for contour plot?

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Joris Alis
Joris Alis on 23 Mar 2016
Commented: Joris Alis on 23 Mar 2016
Hello, I’m not very familiar with MATLAB and not a good mathematician either. I hope you could help me with contour plots. Let’s say my 3 variables are x=Age (31x1), y=Estimated cranial volume (31x1), and z=Estimated IQ score (31x1). Each variable has only 1 value per participant. When I define my variables and enter the line ‘contour(x,y,z)’, I get a message that my ‘z must be at least 2x2 matrix’. How should I convert my z variable so that it complies to this rule? Thank you.

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 23 Mar 2016
Functions like contour want gridded data, and you have scatter data. You'll need to do a gridding operation to convert your data into the correct form.
I wrote about this recently on the MATLAB Graphics blog, but that just covers a few basic techniques. Gridding data is a pretty rich field, and MATLAB has a lot of tools for doing it.

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