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How can I make MATLAB recognize 'rosgenmsg' ?

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Fady Aziz
Fady Aziz on 22 Mar 2016
Answered: Christoph Manss on 29 Oct 2020
I have installed MATLAB R2016a and followed the instructions for 'roboticsaddons' found here Then I was back here and tried to use 'rosgenmsg' but it was not found.
Can Anyone help me ?

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Shantnu Kakkar
Shantnu Kakkar on 24 Nov 2017
I have the same problem. Tried this: But still it doesnt't work

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Christoph Manss
Christoph Manss on 29 Oct 2020
As far as I know, you need to install the "ROS Toolbox interface for ROS Custom Messages", which can be found in the ADDOn-Manager, to run rosgenmsg().
This solved the problem for me


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