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PChoppala on 24 Jan 2012
Just an urgent but simple question.
I have a signal s = randn(1,100), with Fs = 48e3 Hz. I want to add a delay of 1.3ms to this signal.
I am using the concept of frequency translation of Fourier transform. The procedure is
X(fT) = (S(f)exp(j*2*pi*Fs*1.3ms)) / S(f) ...and then find Inverse FT
In this, how should I write S(f)? Is it abs(fft(s)) or something else? Also, should the over be '\' or '.\'?
I used
(fft(s)*exp(j*2*pi*48e3*1.3e-3)) / ?
Can you give me the command that will perform S(f)

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PChoppala on 24 Jan 2012
Whoops, sorry, I meant to ask how to write |S(f)|.
Assuming it is norm(fft(s)).
Is that right?

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